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HT (MV 11KV) VCB/ SF6 Switchgears
Nextech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has established a state-of-the-art facility in manufacturing of HV / LV Switchgear, Panel Boards. We are specialized in meeting the technical requirements through design, manufacture, test and supply of MV switch boards with all accessories for efficient and trouble free operations.

The panel's are metal-enclosed, free-standing compartmentalized, Modular type suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. The Panels are dust and vermin proof and the enclosure shall provide a degree of protection of not less than IP- 52 and IP-54.
The Panel boards are fabricated out of adequate thickness mild steel Structural sections. The frames shall be enclosed with CR MS sheet steel of not less than 2.0 mm thickness. Each cable chamber has cable entry from Top or Bottom with suitable removable gland plates. The cable chamber has suitable supporting arrangement between the gland plate and terminals to connect the cables.

Bus Bars:
Bus Bars are air insulated and made up of high conductivity/ purity, Tin coated hard drawn electrolytic copper. Bus Bars have a fault withstand capacity of equivalent to 25 KA/35KA/50kA 1 Sec matching with the rating of the incoming breaker as mentioned or as required. All bus bars are fully screened by means of PVC RYB sleeves for the insulation of the copper to prevent the hazards and oxidation of the Bus Bars.  Fully segregated, suitably braced with insulated Supports placed at appropriate intervals to withstand the electromagnetic stresses during short circuit. Minimum electrical Clearances will be maintained between phase to phase with respect to ground according to the latest P-44-96 WAPAD specifications.

Control wiring:
Panels supplied with all internal wiring comprising of PVC insulated, multi strand flexible copper conductor of minimum 1.5- cross section for the potential circuits and minimum 2.5 sq. mm for current measuring protection and metering wiring. Wiring will be neatly laid and run on insulated cleats of limited compression type insulated straps. All the cables have crimped terminations and it will be identified by means of glossy plastic ferrules at both ends, showing the wire number as indicated in the schematic control diagrams.

All the metal parts of all equipment supplied within the panel (including doors and gland plates) other than those forming part of all electric circuit, will be connected by means of independent earth Bus Bar. All the doors in the panels are earthed with the studs welded in the doors.

Labels will be provided to identify the panel and every Instrument of equipment fixed internally and externally. Labels will be engraved with white letters in black background. Labeling plays a very important role for maintenance of the panel after installation.

The panels will be powder coated Siemens gray (RAL 7032) with the following facilities
- Pretreatment (Seven tank process)
- Fully Phosphate process
- Spray booth
- Heating oven for all sizes of panels

The panel will be completely assembled, wired, and tested for operation under simulated conditions to ensure accuracy of Wiring, correctness of control scheme according to the schematic control diagram and proper functioning of all equipment. The test repot/certificate will be submitted along with the dispatch of panels.

The following drawings and documents will be submitted to the client after dispatch the panels.

- General Arrangement drawing of the panel showing.
         o Overall as built Dimensions.
         o As built schematic Control Diagram.
         o components detail/ specifications.
- Single line diagram to prove the flow of supply in accordance of the system.
- Complete technical information to install the panel.

We at Nextech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. fathom the dynamics of your needs and work in tandem with you to design and develop the electrical needs and deploy state of the art solutions to improve system reliability and risk management. Keeping in mind that the investments and criticality of your project, our solutions are tailor made to reduce your risk achieved mainly through our skilled technical and professional team.



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